Professor Mo Jihong Interviewed by CCTV Program “Law Today” on Generic Drug Case


On December 31, 2019, Professor Mo Jihong, Director of the CASS Institute of International Law, was interviewed by CCTV Program “Law Today” on the Case of Lu Yong, who was arrested for selling Indian-made generic drugs to Chinese leukemia patients. In the interview, Professor Mo analyzed the legal values of the Lu Yong Case, pointing out that different laws protect the rights of different subjects, which sometimes may conflict with each other and need to be balanced. In this case, there is a conflict between the patients’ right to life and the pharmaceutical company’s right to intellectual property. To resolve this conflict, the government needs to take active measures to establish a good social security system. In the interview, Professor Mo also discussed the important characteristics of the development of the rule of law in China since the Eighteen National Congress of the CPC, especially since the Fourth Plenary session of the Eighteenth CPC Central Committee. The following is a video link to the interview: